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Anagolay is a layer 0 framework for the creation of deterministic, tamper-proof, impartial, and transparent processes that can be applied to verify the rightfulness of a claim for any relation or right.

The Framework enables the creation of - Anagolay Workflows - transparent processes with immutable structure and deterministic build. With the help of Workflows, we can generate proofs and verify claims for Intelectual Property rights (Ownership, Copyright, Licenses).

Anagolay network comes with a set of Workflows, Verification Strategies and built-in economic incentives for all participants to kick-start the establishment of a practical, creative economy where the work of all contributors is encouraged and rewarded. This creative market economy shall emerge naturally and will be accommodated by Anagolay Network later on.

With our 1st use case, any verified online identity, like a web domain, Twitter handler, YouTube or GitHub account, or any Mastodon federated identity, can be used to send and receive funds: as community contributions to support a **verified** creator or a particular project. From the get-go, the tips can be sent in IDI (our native token). However, we are aiming to enable tips in any Substarte-based token. Later on, the integrations to enable tips in ERC20 tokens and fiat currencies will follow.

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