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Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory


Common Good

The team at Parity develops a new parachain for collectives and plans to make a governance proposal to connect it to Polkadot.

The name “collectives” may not evoke much meaning, but Polkadot and Kusama already have collectives, each operating with a Council and Technical Committee. Although these particular collectives will retire with the proposed next generation of Polkadot governance, the ability to organize and act as a group (without needing to trust third parties like lawyers and jurisdictional courts) remains an important element of Web3.

The new proposal for Polkadot governance  introduces a new collective, the Fellowship, which allows a ranked group of experts to express its opinion on sensitive or highly privileged proposals.

Another collective in development is the Polkadot Alliance. The Alliance is already deployed on the Westend test parachain and will likely be the first one on Polkadot. Several community teams banded together about two years ago and came up with the idea for the Alliance, primarily to fight misuse of the Polkadot brand and unattributed code.

The collectives parachain will connect only to Polkadot; there are no plans for a Kusama counterpart. In fact, for some collectives, like the Alliance, the Kusama network could actually join the collective as a member. That is, networks themselves can act as collectives and express their legislative voices as single opinions within other networks.

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