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Kabocha is Edgeware's parachain on Kusama and continues Edgeware’s Substrate governance and treasury experiment by accelerating founders, creators and teams building open and public subverses and metaverses of Web3.

We’re doing it in true Edgeware style, staying true to a fully open and transparent community led approach through a 100% undiluted distribution for Edgeware token holders.

We will be sourcing talent and projects from Edgeware’s incubator, as a result, much of Kabocha’s accelerator ‘roadmap’, will be glimpsed on Edgeware's solo-chain first, allowing us to maintain a close relationship between the two projects.

Joining up with the Kusama network enables seamless interoperability which will create new opportunities for real collaboration, co-operation and co-evolvement with other chains and communities.

Our initial focus is on improving the overall experience and capabilities for its users primarily around the everyday functions of sustainably funded DAOs that empower meaningful contribution, participation and value capture through a series of dedicated pallets and mechanisms.

Successful DAOs will be accelerated into their own Substrate chains that will launch into our own experimental nested relay network, providing a true grass-roots entry into Substrate and Web3, providing onramps to more established Kusama and Polkadot projects.

Kabocha includes token swaps and retain shares and non-fungible assets in other chains.

Be prepared for interesting, experimental and somewhat chaotic projects that push boundaries and inspire a new generation of talent to become immersed in Web3 realms.

Kabocha is born from Edgeware, which at over 8.5m blocks processed is the second oldest self-governing mainnet Substrate chain alongside relay networks Kusama and Polkadot.

It stands apart as the oldest Substrate solo-chain in existence and has developed an un-intimidating emergent leadership culture that lets people build experience in all facets of decentralised organisations through meaningful participation and contribution.

Edgeware has real world experience funding on-chain proposals through fast governance cycles that are decided through simple majority voting, a process that is attracting some of the most creative and forward thinking creators, designers and developers in the space.

As a result of incubating teams across a broad range of projects across many disciplines, our treasury thesis for funding blockchain founders and teams has developed significantly over the past two years.

Kabocha is the natural progression of this process, with members of the Edgeware community collectively developing Kabocha from first principles, imbuing the chain with a founding spirit of community, co-evolution and co-operacy.

Kabocha is funded by the Edgeware community through its active and open public treasury - there are no new investors, other than those that initially backed Edgeware.

As a result there are no preferential terms in private rounds that may later skew, confuse or constrain its public mission and assurances as to the project’s credible neutrality.

Inflation will range between 0 to 20% per year. It is not concretely defined because it is dependent on the funding proposals approved by the Kabocha community. Successful proposals mint new KAB to fund the project. Inflation of KAB will be used to incentivise contribution and thus aim to increase the value of the network.

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Tokens:  KAB
Parathread on Kusama
In Auction on Kusama
August 23, 2023
July 30, 2024
~234 days remained
Auction 38: WINNER
Leasing: June 27, 2022 - May 30, 2023
Crowdloan ID: 2113-73 
Funds Raised: 12 644 KSM ($397 541)
Leading Blocks:  100%
Project Auction Info:  auction details 
Reward: 1 KSM : 160+ KAB
Crowdloan Cap: 25 000 KSM
Reward Pool: 3.2m of 64.3m (4.98%)
  • 30% will be released at TGE
  • 70% will be released by block over duration
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Auction 82: WINNER
Leasing: April 18, 2023 - March 22, 2024
Parathread ID: 2268 
Last Bid: 401 KSM
Leading Blocks:  35.41%
Slot Acquisition: self-funded
Auction 101: WINNER
Leasing: August 23, 2023 - July 30, 2024
Parathread ID: 2113 
Last Bid: 0.01 KSM
Leading Blocks:  43.57%
Slot Acquisition: self-funded
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Primary Token:
Total Supply:
64 300 000
Nov 3, 2023 at 02:59 UTC
Sep 4, 2023 at 07:15 UTC
Kabocha is Edgeware's parachain on Kusama and continues Edgeware’s Substrate governance and treasury experiment by accelerating founders, creators and teams building open and public subverses and metaverses of Web3.
Slot Acquisition: self-funded
Last Bid: 0.01 KSM
Leading Blocks: 43.57%
Leasing: August 23, 2023 - August 1, 2024
Kabocha has won Kusama Auction #101
Feb 23, 2023 at 21:29 UTC

Q: How can I get KAB at launch?
There are two initial routes to get KAB:
1) by locking your KSM in the Kabocha Crowdloan.
2) By holding EDG at the 'snapshot date'.

Q: When is the Snapshot?
The snapshot is 14 days after a parachain auction win.

Q: Who are the founders of Kabocha?
Edgeware is the founding community of Kabocha. There is no central team or issuer. The project is being developed through treasury proposals approved by the community. Initial teams include Decentration Labs as technical stewards and Decent Partners providing network services.

Q: Who are Kabocha's investors?
The Edgeware community are funding Kabocha through the public treasury.