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Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory

Uniarts Network

Uniarts is a substrate based blockchain network for NFT creation, auction and circulation. With its own industry level NFT creation tool and cross-chain solution, Uniarts aim to become the major gateway between business, individual or even A.I creators and blockchain networks, hence bring their unique artworks into an united NFT platform. Key Features 1.NFT Maker SDK NFT Maker SDK Tool is a set of plug-in tools for mainstream editor software, such as Photoshop, Cubism Editor, and Final Cut Pro. It can transfer pictures, videos & audios or even animated Interactive 2D illustrations & 3D models into NFTs and publish it on the Uniarts network directly from editor software. 2.Cross-Chain Bridge Super-light node implementation with smart contract and evm to allow correspond asset freeze and issuance across heterogeneous blockchain networks, support ERC 721 & 1155 standard NFT transfer two-way cross-chain transfer. 3.DAO Governance Uniarts Network developed with DAO model that enables collective governance of resources, registries, or rules... Members can initial and vote on proposals, or ever provide grant to inspire artists to publish their work on Uniarts. 4.NFT Mart SDK Abstract from Uniarts’ auction house DAPP, NFT Mart SDK provide a framework for any team that has vision and resources to develop their own NFT market DAPP without deep blockchain knowledge.
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