Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory
Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory

Consensus Fintech Group Tier 4


Consensus Fintech Group is the cryptocurrency management firm, we focused exclusively on ventures,tokens,projects related to BlockChain Tech, digital currency and crypto assets,also we provide professional advisory consulting services. Our team members graduate from Cambridge, UCL, and other leading universities, and have experiences from top leading investment banks and Tech-giants. We are the early adopter of Factom, Decent, Metaverse, EOS, Loopring,Acute Angel Coin,Aelf,ITC ,IHT,Ruff,Theta,Bottos,MainFrame,Open Garden,Game.com,SOC,Celer Network,Everitoken,BQQQ,etc.

Consensus FinTech Group Portfolios totally include :

  1. Native , level 1 tokens(i.e.BTC,ETH,etc)
  2. Equity in parent companies “pre-ico”,often at a discount
  3. dApp tokens post ICO (secondary trading)
  4. Crypto Funds
  5. 3rd party apps that benefit from crypto asset usage(i.e. wallets exchanges)

Companies that are involved in combination of the above areas.