Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory
Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory

Woodstock Fund Tier 3


Woodstock Fund is a Multi Asset Investment Fund. We invest in early stage Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) companies & liquid tokens.

In 1969, Woodstock was one of the most iconic music festivals the world ever witnessed. It attracted more than 400,000 people far surpassing over 50,000 originally planned. It created a possibility for an entire generation to connect, collaborate & aspire on an unexpected & unprecedented scale over many years. Initially dismissed by media reports as just another hippie music festival, it emerged as a pivotal movement in popular music history & counterculture generation.

40 years later in 2009, in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the trust in financial institutions was shaken. This led to the exploration of the intersection of technology & economics, leading to the creation of Bitcoin - first immutable ledger or implementation of a blockchain that created a new class of Digital Assets & Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

10 years later in 2019, also the 50th anniversary of the iconic Woodstock festival, we founded Woodstock Fund focused on the DLT space sharing similar values of openness, integrity & contribution towards the ecosystem.

At Woodstock, we believe that we are at the cusp of a paradigm shift across all four areas - social, economic, technology & ecology. This will create many disruptive value creation opportunities.