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Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory

Curio Lugano

Curio Lugano is an application-specific blockchain (AppChain) of a hybrid real-world asset tokenization system by CurioDAO.

Curio Lugano provides real-world asset tokenization functionality in the Polkadot ecosystem and brings dApps by CurioDAO such as Capital DEX (AMM DEX) - https://capitaldex.exchange and, in the future: Real-world Assets Tokenization Launchpad - https://curioinvest.com, Rollapp NFT Launchpad - https://rollapp.store. Curio Lugano implements features such as a Limited Delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism with staking, an improved governance mechanism based on Polkadot's OpenGov model, and EVM compatibility for dApps by CurioDAO.
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Tokens:  CGT  
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Primary Token:
Total Supply:
100 000 000
Circulating Supply:
100 000 000
Market Cap:
$2 454 625
Trading Vol 24:
$2 924