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GIANT turns bandwidth into a globally tradable digital asset. Consumers spend $2T annually on connectivity, yet inefficiencies in bandwidth markets mean 25% of capacity goes underutilized. Through GIANT's protocols, prepaid mobile data, for example 15GB of cellular data in the USA, is represented as novel, semi-fungible tokens called Data Contract Tokens (DCT). DCTs are the financial primitive to new consumer and enterprise applications with bandwidth as the unit of value, for example bandwidth as a form of payment, bandwidth as collateral, and enterprise financial markets for spot bandwidth contracts and their derivatives.
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Jan 23, 2023 at 16:49 UTC

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GIANT turns bandwidth into a digital asset by creating liquid markets for bandwidth on the blockchain.

Where can I get $GIANT tokens?
Today you can earn $GIANT token rewards on the mainnet when you purchase international roaming data through the GIANT Shop - https://app.giantprotocol.org. All $GIANT token rewards are auto-staked to earn 13% APY plus 5% of data sales. You can also earn 10% of rewards when you refer people to the GIANT Shop. In the future you'll be able to earn GIANT tokens as rewards for bonding DOT as part of the parachain auction crowdloan.

Where can I use the app?

When will GIANT participate in a Polkadot parachain auction?
We are planning to participate in a Polkadot parachain only. The Polkadot parachain crowdloan will begin in March 2023.

When will the crowdloan rewards be distributed?
We will generate and distribute tokens when we launch GIANT as a parachain.