Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory
Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory

DeFi Alliance Tier 4


DeFi Alliance is an international trade association created for decentralized financial market professionals to connect, collaborate and convene to celebrate the emergence of a healthy global DeFi ecosystem. DeFi would not only facilitate markets for illiquid financial products that already exist but would also allow for the creation of new financial products and markets that don’t yet exist (Humenansky).

The DeFi Alliance's mission is to drive the global adoption of DeFi technology and co-create a transparent, low cost, and trust-able decentralized financial system.

We are a member-based organization which convenes decentralized financial platforms, mainstream financial institutions, regulators, policymakers, and lawyers to share knowledge, develop thought leadership studies, build collaborative initiatives and celebrate the impact that DeFi innovations help to bring to the world.

Accelerate DeFi is an eight-week, intensive program designed to give DeFi startups the resources to build, deploy, and grow their platforms. We connect founders to some of the largest traditional trading firms in the world, successful founders in DeFi, VCs, and legal/compliance experts, and help them build product, growth, and regulatory strategies.