Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory
Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory

JRR Crypto Tier 4


About to revolutionize over a 100-year-old Investment Banking standard, lead the global IB economy, bring distributed innovation into the IB framework and transcend the traditional “Goldman Saches”.

JRR Crypto is registered in Switzerland, and is composed of a group of believers of block chains philosophy. They firmly believe that people will enter a blockchain-distributed and self-organized new world in the future.

As is said by JRR Tolkien, “I believe all the legends and myths. Like all the arts, most of them come from the “truth”, while they reflect the truth in morality and religion in an indistinct way. These stories are totally brand new…” The future is not only totally new but also fantastic. JRR Crypto has seen all this. All the participants in the block chains are a group of residents facing a new world.

As what is happening in the fantastic world described by JRR Tolkien: in front of the magic ring, every being is facing an interrogation, which is directly pointing at the soul. This interrogation cannot be answered with “using it for goodness” or “using it for evil”, because it is not a simple binary opposite question.

The journey of the fellowship of the ring is a pilgrimage. Only by the guidance of their heart can people arrive on the bright peak. All the believers of JRR Crypto are the “Fellowship of the ring”. With the participants in the block chains, they enter the future world, stick to their original intention and fight for their dream!

As the industrial capitalism brought achievements to the present Goldman Sachs, the realistic wealth accelerates its reflection in the digital world and has created totally new digital wealth in the block chain capitalism era. This era will certainly create a batch of great financial organizations.

JRR Crypto was born right under this circumstance and is devoted to becoming “Goldman Sachs” in the digital wealth world, developing investment banking business, investment business and transaction platform business of block chain property based on the fund investment, laying out the assets management business and service in the block chain world in an all-dimensional way.

The future is coming. In this brand new fantastic world, JRR Crypto is not only lucky enough to participate in the foundation-laying of this great era, but also hopes to bear the mission of the “fellowship of the ring” for the blockchains, stick to the belief and the initial intention, participate in the new ecological system of block chains together with all the explorers and pioneers to build a beautiful world with perfect new order and to witness the forthcoming of the Great Era!