Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory
Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory

Pluto Tier 2


Pluto Digital Assets PLC (Pluto) is a crypto venture capital and technology company that connects Web 3.0 decentralised technologies to the global economy. Pluto invests in, incubates and advises digital asset projects based on decentralised technologies (DeTech), decentralised finance (DeFi) and networks such as Ethereum and Polkadot. Additionally, Pluto supports the operation of proof-of-stake networks by staking and operating validator nodes.

Provide open-source Web3.0 software tools and technologies to the developer community for free on GitHub and generate revenue via consulting fees and later license fees for pre-packaged configurations of distributions of its open-source software.

Support Web3.0 networks such as Ethereum, Polkdot and Binance Smart Chain by operating validator nodes and earning transaction fees.

Develop its own Web3.0 projects using it tools, developer resources and marketing resources and earn revenues from these projects – e.g. YOP and Rokit Launcher. Incubate third party projects and provide technical and support to projects.